Los Angeles will host the first west coast True Self Retreat this August 2018!

This page, along with the Regression Information Page, are intended to help you prepare for this beautiful retreat. Here you will find important information, including:

Please read all the information carefully. If you have any questions, email us at reikitummo.usa@gmail.com.

New Participant Requirements for True Self Retreat 2018

Have attended Inner Heart workshop at least 3x, and attended your last time within a year prior to 2018 True Self Retreat. (Inner Heart from the Open Heart 6 workshop is also counted)

Have attended Spiritual Retreat at least 3x, and attended your last time within a year prior to this 2018 True Self Retreat.

(There are several Spiritual Retreats happening prior to TSR 2018. Please see the list on the right for more details)

Have attended Mastering Reiki TUMMO (MRT) at least 2x.

Have attended MRT++ the latest within 2018, or will be attending MRT++ before TSR.

Will attend Prep to TSR in 2018.

Complete 16 life-time regressions plus crossover.

(3 joyful, 1 transition and 12 trauma with the  last 1-2 lifetimes are with Lingga before retreat begins)

NOTE: The Regression Information page is password protected. The password is a synonym for "willingly without will." Contact your local coordinator if you need help with the password.

Upcoming Spiritual Retreats

September/October 2017

Hamburg, Germany
27: Open Heart Level 5
28: Open Heart Level 6
29: Inner Heart
30 - 1 Oct: Spiritual Retreat
2: MRT

Email: info@open-heart-germany.com

November 2017

Perth, Australia
4-5: SONW 2
6: Dancing SONW
7-8: SONW 3
10: Inner Heart
11-12: Spiritual Retreat
13: MRT
14: Secrets of Human Health I
15: Secrets of Human Health II

Email: melkyherlina@gmail.com

February 2018

Los Angeles, USA
15: Reiki TUMMO 3A
16: Inner Heart
17-18: Spiritual Retreat
19: MRT

Email: reikitummo.losangeles@gmail.com

May 2018

Cork, Ireland
9: Open Heart 5
10: Open Heart 6
11: Inner Heart
12-13: Spiritual Retreat
14: MRT
16: Dancing SONW
17: Secrets to Powerful Healing

Email: spiritualretreatireland@gmail.com

August 2018

Los Angeles, USA
Dates are Tentative and May Change
13: Inner Heart
14-15: Spiritual Retreat
16: MRT

Email: reikitummo.losangeles@gmail.com