Testimonials – excerpted from the Reiki Tummo book

After over 15 years of practicing and teaching a yoga focused on meditation, awareness and gentleness, Reiki TUMMO has opened new doors of learning and being, through simple yet profound teachings and practices. I have become so much more aware of its cleansing and guiding energy and the Kundalini flow, a field the yogis claim to be experts in. The Reiki TUMMO training has deepened my understanding and experiences of how our joyful, blissful ‘yoga’ or union with the Divine can be possible. Reiki TUMMO has assisted beyond words in connecting with a deep inner peace and joy. I feel I am now on a path to a long-yearned- for spiritual goal, feeling a never-felt, humble confidence of its direction, feeling a deepened connection with close ones, everyone, with the Source, the Creator.

~Klaus Walden-Baur, Australia
Yoga Teacher, Wellness Program Facilitator and Business Consultant

It is not only the blessing of the healing that has amazed me, but especially the blessing of being able to be in my heart and to understand the real purpose of life. I work in a very high-stress environment where only performance counts and feelings are ignored. Being able to rely on my heart and on the Divine Source in these surroundings has changed my attitude towards my job and towards everyone around me. This reliance has influenced my performance in an almost scary positive way. Also, through Reiki TUMMO self-healing I have been relieved of long-term health problems. All in all, Reiki TUMMO has changed my life totally in a very positive way and for me it is the road towards Real Happiness.

~Michael Krumm, Japan
GT Champion Race Car Driver

As a Reiki Master in five kinds of Reiki, I thought Reiki TUMMO was one more system that might have a couple of new tools I could use in my healing practice. What I found with Reiki TUMMO totally eclipsed all the other systems. It is not only a powerful healing system, but also a spiritual path that leads us closer to our Creator through the doorway of the heart.

~Rich Hoffmaster, United States
Reiki Master and Healer

My Kundalini Yoga Master gave me the spiritual name of Hari Jap Kaur which means ‘meditate on God’s name.’ It wasn’t until I took Reiki TUMMO and the Inner Heart Workshop that I finally understood and surrendered to the Divine Source. Life became much simpler after that. Reiki TUMMO is a gate which leads me to my heart. Being able to stay within the heart is such a blessing! I thank Master Irman’s teaching and guidance from the bottom of my heart.

—Olivia Wang, United States
Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Reiki TUMMO has completely changed the way I practice acupuncture. In addition to needles and massage, I routinely used Usui Reiki, Qi Gong, Kundalini energy and a Native American Naturalist energy to heal. These are energetic healing modalities that I have studied throughout my 25+ years of training and practice. When I discovered Reiki TUMMO I realized that I was working too hard to help my patients to achieve health and well-being. Reiki TUMMO offers a thoroughly integrated energetic healing system where as a practitioner all you need to do is relax, smile and surrender and let the blessing of Divine Source’s Love do the healing. In fact, the more you do, the more you diminish the results. My patients have all said that they feel a huge difference in their well-being after Reiki TUMMO treatments. Often they laugh or cry and release their pent-up energy during our sessions. That is because Reiki TUMMO goes beyond the physical diseases and disharmonies and eases the strain on your heart and feelings. Since my first attunement, I have felt more peaceful and happier. My family members have noticed that things don’t bother me as much. I highly recommend this system to both health practitioners and patients.

—Gayle Kildebeck, United States
Licensed Acupuncturist, Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine

The healing power of Reiki TUMMO and Shing-Chi energy is fantastic. It is far beyond any previous energy channeling I have used. In addition, I feel an incredible feeling of happiness and even bliss in my heart every time I channel energy either to myself or to someone else. Reiki TUMMO has provided me with a path to feel the love and bliss of Divine Source in my own heart anytime and anywhere. I had been searching for this personal, direct connection to the Creator for twenty years in traditional yoga, but found teachings about the heart sorely missing.

—Frank Spies, United States
Computer Game Developer

I am an Usui and Seichim Master and Reiki TUMMO has enhanced my ability as both a healer and counselor, simply because I know I am connected to the Divine Source and have regained the use of my Inner Heart to serve others. It is now so much easier to meditate and to practice a spiritual life. In every way, my work has deepened with the knowing of the Creator and, of course, the Love Unceasing, the Joy Continuous and the Blessing. Thank you Divine Source.

—Rev. Frederick Jackson, United States
Counselor and Healer

Reiki TUMMO opened my eyes to the truth that there is a level above the forms of Gods and Goddesses I was used to worshipping. The One above all others is the Creator. Prior to Reiki TUMMO, I thought I knew about LOVE. Master Irman has opened my eyes and heart so I can now understand what LOVE truly is and what HOME truly means. I thank Divine Source for the blessings that led me to Master Irman. And I thank Master Irman for taking me into his loving fold and patiently guiding me HOME. I come from a land of many Gurus and spiritual people, but never had I met someone who is the true embodiment of Love. As loving as Master Irman is, he humbly stands like a sign-board, constantly reminding us and directing us to the Creator instead of allowing us to bow at his feet. I am so grateful to Divine Source for Loving me so much as to bless me with a true Guru! Master Irman has shown me that even I can be a Divine instrument. May all beings find Reiki TUMMO so that they can return HOME to the Divine Source.

~Gayatri Doraiswami, United States
Project Manager

My sincere quest to actually experience and practice Unconditional Love was answered in the form of Reiki TUMMO. Since childhood, I always wondered what purpose my life had. Reiki TUMMO and Master Irman lovingly and gently led me on a wonderful discovery that my short life had a great purpose: to find that Ultimate Reality called the Creator. Reiki TUMMO answered my deepest of spiritual needs. The healing aspect came as a precious bonus. I have now understood that all true teachings are above parochial, sectarian and religious beliefs. Reiki TUMMO is one such rare teaching.

~Mihir Thaker, United States
Network Engineer

Reiki TUMMO showed me how to be in my heart and listen to its wisdom. I spent most of my life trying to figure out how to use the universal wisdoms simply stated as: ‘Follow your heart!’ and ‘Let your heart be your guide!’ and was unsuccessful. Master Irman’s Reiki TUMMO showed me how. I now know how to follow my heart and let my heart be my guide. My life is now filled with love, happiness, peace, and countless blessings every moment.

—Ron Kildebeck, United States

Music has been an essential part of my life. But it wasn’t until I began working with my heart through Reiki TUMMO that I discovered the true possibilities of musical composition. Now, when I’m creating music I feel my connection to the Creator is stronger and my heart opens wider. As my heart opens wider to the Creator, the music flows through and around me like light. It feels so deep and radiant. I feel blessed to be able to write music that can touch hearts to be closer to the Creator. By composing music through the heart and realizing its beauty, I have gained a small insight into how much love the Creator is giving us every moment and I would like to feel that it gets me just a bit closer. Somehow, I have always known this deep inside me.

~Andrew Lowe, United Kingdom

I have worked in allopathic medicine as a Physician Assistant for many years. I also have a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration, so the healing arts have always interested me. But I have always combined alternative healing methods to complement the allopathic ones. I started with aromatherapy and through an assignment in a Mind-Body healing class that was part of my master’s degree program, I discovered Reiki TUMMO. Reiki TUMMO has changed my life, or more accurately, set it on course once I realized the true purpose of life. At the time I started Reiki TUMMO, I suffered through several knee surgeries. Instead of using narcotics, the healing power of the Divine Source, our Creator, helped me through the pain and healing process. It is too bad that some of us have to experience disabilities on our journey to slow us down enough so we can realize that loving our Creator and returning home to our Creator is our real gift of life. Reiki TUMMO guides us to do this and once you experience the power and love of the Divine Source, there is no other way. Life is temporary, and we were given the gift of choice. Don’t make the wrong one!

~Mimi Hughes, United States
Aromatherapist and Health Care Administrator

Reiki TUMMO has profoundly changed my life. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it gave me the inner strength to dissolve my worst fears. Unlike other Reiki systems that I have taken, the prayers and the practices are truly a blessed gift. I will always be grateful to Master Irman and, of course, Beloved Divine Source, for all the Blessings that I have received.

~Eileen Hoffmaster, United States
Reiki Master and Healer

Reiki TUMMO has been a life-changing experience for me and a blessed spiritual path. It has allowed me to be more compassionate and loving. I realize more that everyone needs love and understanding and how blessed I am to be able to give such precious gifts to others, a gift from the heart. Something as simple as a smile filled with love and compassion can ease someone’s pain and comfort them with the embrace of love, calmness, and sense of inner peace. I am so blessed that through Reiki TUMMO I have found my heart again and can be continuously filled with peace, calmness, joy, happiness, and always embraced within the love and light.

~Renee Fragoman, United States
Physical Therapist

Reiki TUMMO has changed my life in many ways. In a profession where there is high competition and pressure, I was becoming an aggressive and highly stressed person. With Reiki TUMMO I have found a balance both in and out of work. I am more peaceful, happier, more focused and everything in life flows easier. For many years I suffered from depression. With Reiki TUMMO I was finally able to stop having those dreaded ‘gray’ days.

~Morelia Bueno, United Kingdom
Business Development Director

In learning Reiki TUMMO I have been given the greatest set of tools to live in love and to realize my heart as the connection to the Source of all light and love.

~Lonneke Janosik, Indonesia
Artist and Designer

The brain ruled my professional and personal life as an analytical, perfectionist, workaholic. Reiki TUMMO energy helped me to release and heal these unhealthy and negative tendencies. Most importantly, Reiki TUMMO awakened my heart to ‘feel’ again and to remember the real meaning of life. This transformation has brought peace and calmness to my work with faculty and college students; increased compassion in the care of my mother suffering from Alzheimer’s; and more smiles at home with family. I am most appreciative to Master Irmansyah Effendi for bringing Reiki TUMMO into my life and for helping all to open their hearts.

~Sally Mydlowec, United States
Executive Vice-President & Dean of Academic Affairs

My experience with Reiki TUMMO as a basis of a much more profound Inner Learning, has been life-changing. It has given me a clear perspective on how to live my life day to day and also in the future. I am no longer confused and now I look at life with a deeper understanding. By opening my heart to Divine Source peer pressure, friendship problems and exam stresses are no longer on my plate. My whole family too, and my relationship to each of them, has changed for the better. We surely fight less and are much happier. The way Reiki TUMMO is taught, by letting me realize by myself with my own Inner Heart, has provided me with an authentic truth from within, unlike the conventional ways we are taught at school where uncertainties are certain.

~Kim Iskandar, Australia
Senior High School Student

Through Reiki TUMMO I have rediscovered the joyous feelings of my childhood. It’s hard to pinpoint when the worries and stresses of life became my dominant state of mind as the process is quite gradual and hard to spot. But Reiki TUMMO has brought back the sparkle into my life and helped me realize that it is possible to breathe long-lasting happiness back into your life on a daily basis. I work in the corporate IT industry and notice that many professions, including my own, can be cold, performance- driven occupations. By association, this was what I was becoming. It wasn’t until I started exercising my heart through Reiki TUMMO, that I came to realize how much it had gone to sleep. It’s not easy to convey the ability of the heart to bring the comfort of love to yourself and those around you. It needs to be felt to be appreciated properly. Everybody deserves a chance to re- experience this indescribable joy.

~David Robb, New Zealand
Computer Software Developer

In the first Reiki Tummo class I was able to channel energy better and more purely than I had learned in 12 years of studying and practicing energy healing.

~Diana Stone, Ph.D., United States

I was first attracted to Reiki TUMMO for the spiritual path and Kundalini awakening. My spiritual background was as a Sufi with strong connections to Gurdjieff’s teaching. I had no experience of energy channeling or healing and was usually fairly skeptical of such things. I felt a strong ‘pull’ to do the workshop, although my thinking/analyzing mind was very uncertain and full of doubts. At the workshop I felt my heart for the first time just a little and wanted more of that feeling. I had for some years felt that I was closing off my emotions and had experienced some serious problems with depression. That was two years ago and the feeling in my heart just gets better and better. I feel happier than I can remember being before. It has been an adventure in the true sense with ups and downs, periods of doubt as well as times of certainty, some difficult lessons, many joyful experiences and learning so much about feeling and giving love. I can’t wait to see/feel what’s next.

~Dr Pauline Weeds, New Zealand
Scientist — Fungal Genetics/Plant Pathology

I started Reiki TUMMO and the Master Yoga program over two years ago. Reiki TUMMO, a holistic combination of Reiki and Kundalini, not only improved my health, happiness and all aspects of my life, but more importantly led to my spiritual growth which is beyond this life. The advanced practice purifies my heart, enables me to access my Inner Heart to realize the truth, strengthens my heart and connection to the Source, so that I can follow my own heart and achieve soul and true self consciousness. The most important is that I am able to realize the Divine secrets to lead my true self on the way toward the final destiny, or Yoga. I am most happy to give, enjoy and share the Love as an instrument of Divine Source.

~James Low, Singapore
Bank Vice President

We joined Reiki TUMMO shortly after we got married. We work in a business environment and had no previous experiences in healing or other alternative matters. Since we have opened our hearts more with Reiki TUMMO, our happiness is not only more permanent, but also very deep. With this happiness in our hearts, our relationship is more fulfilled and we make people around us happier by just smiling at them. The miracle of a happy heart makes serious business matters suddenly smoother, difficult relationships easier and heavy duties lighter. We hope that you also experience this happiness in your heart and we wish you lots of Love and Light.

~Tuan Minh Nguyen, Germany
Marketing Manager

~Yvonne Kury, Germany
Human Resources Expert

Reiki TUMMO is a comprehensive system which provides not only healing, but addresses the spiritual goals of the practitioner. Reiki Tummo has given me the realization that each of us can have a much deeper spiritual connection with the Creator and His Love for us is abundant and unceasing. Master Irmansyah has truly been unstinting in sharing his knowledge and in helping the serious seeker.

~Peter Tan, Singapore
Administrative Executive

For more than 20 years I had been seeking for a way to Enlightenment, that is, attaining Yoga. With time, I found out that Kundalini practice is the most effective way to attain it, as many enlightened gurus in India and other places in the East have used Kundalini practice for ages. On the other hand, I also heard about the risks of the severe cleansing processes that occurs. In 2001, I discovered that Reiki TUMMO provides safe and instant Kundalini awakening. That was it! I got attunements for Reiki TUMMO, levels 1 and 2. Since then, when I apply the energy to people around me, I am really amazed at how fast people experience positive effects. Reiki TUMMO is the only system for me as a beginning of the path to Yoga. Also, I’ve experienced many benefits, such as my chronic fatigue syndrome is gone, the continuous tension in my brain has disappeared, and the unsatisfactory sense of ‘something missing but not knowing what’ is gone. I now feel a satisfied lightness both in mind and heart, a more positive attitude towards people and events. Now, I can get things done without getting stressed and I have no more worries when thinking about what to do in the future.

~Yalçýn Taþdelen, Turkey
Physics Teacher

Reiki TUMMO came into my life at just the right moment. I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but once I felt the peace, happiness and energy and also realized the possibility of helping my family to heal, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. My whole family and I have benefited greatly from the divine energy I now channel. It’s wonderful to be able to help others and at the same time to be at a point of complete serenity and really open our hearts, to be able to smile and surrender ourselves to the Love of our Creator.

~Alicia Ciuffi, Argentina

We learned Reiki TUMMO from Master Irmansyah Effendi in 1997. We were his first batch of Reiki TUMMO Masters and we helped to spread his teachings. Through teaching we have seen so many people who learned Reiki TUMMO transform into better, healthier and happier persons. His methodology is simple and yet so effective. On top of that, he continuously improves his methodology so that new students can easily catch up with the more advanced ones. We salute him for his accomplishments. We also thank him for the opportunities given to us to help spread his precious teachings.

~Fanny Kristanto, Indonesia
Artist and REIKI TUMMO Master

~Prijohandojo Kristanto, Indonesia
Tax Consultant and REIKI TUMMO Master

Reiki TUMMO made me truly experience first hand what it feels like when your heart starts to open. No words can quite describe it, yet it is a real, tangible feeling from your core all the way out to your physical body. It’s as if, at last, a long lost memory of ourselves has come back to fill that void we had always tried to understand.”

~Deborah Ballon, Canada