The Inner Heart and Spiritual Retreat workshops are a big step forwards continuing the heart-opening spiritual journey begun with the local Reiki Tummo workshops. They are an time of self-discovery... Below are comments first-time Spiritual Retreat participants:

"I am so grateful for Reiki Tummo. I started by just signing up for Reiki Tummo 1 and when I experienced the joy, peace and bliss I signed up for everything I could. Practicing Reiki Tummo has added so much peace and calm to my life and deepened my personal and spiritual development. I just attended the Spiritual retreat for the first time and my life and perspective is new and fresh filled with peace joy and love. I had my heart opened to a deep level a few times at a spiritual course that I kept taking and prayed for a way to live and share that state of consciousness with everyone. Little did I know when I signed up for Reiki Tummo that it would be the answer to that prayer. After participating in the spiritual retreat and the Open Heart 3 and 4 I now have the experience and understanding to make that dream a reality. Having your heart opened to a greater level of consciousness is one thing but to live in a state of open hearted consciousness is life changing." 

- J.K.

"Without a doubt I can say that Inner Heart & SR were the 3 most important days of my life... Please come to the IH & SR in order to FEEL, I mean REALLY FEEL your connection with Love and True Source (God)..... When alumni in the past would say "It just keeps getting better", I'd think, good grief, what are these people talking about? But now, I am happy to report that I am one with them."

- S.B.

"I am left blissfully without words really.  Although, if I must write something, I would say that I am eternally grateful for the experience.  It has altered my outlook on life and my daily routine in the most positive sense.  I see my purpose here (on earth) with greater clarity....Each day was filled with so much learning, letting go, embracing and being grateful for True Source, Irman and the room full of people sharing the experience together... Everyone was so open and loving.  I was so refreshed to find so many beautiful spirits under one roof.  It gave me hope for our future.... My mind was officially blown and my heart allowed to truly blossom for the first time.  I witnessed every petal reaching full extension and radiating love with such strength that my breath was taken away several times....The beauty of releasing.  Whether it was crying uncontrollably or laughing without boundaries, I found inner peace..."
- K.H.

"My first retreat experience was amazing to say the least. I went into it without expectations, and came out more open and willing to be an instrument of True Sources Love & Light every moment... My favorite part of retreat was when I was able to relax and let go and feel the Love and Light of True Source pulsing through me, longing for 'home' while listening to the sounds of everyone in the room expressing their joy and release in different ways... I will attend another retreat for sure. It was really great to connect with hearts from all over the country and the world and to feel all the love! Practicing and feeling our inner hearts and following True Sources Love and Light for just the three days I attended strengthened my commitment and connection so much. I came home beaming and excited to practice to love True Source more. 🙂 And I have!..  If you're on the fence about going, go. Follow your heart... 🙂 "

- C.B.