The practice of Reiki TUMMO is not only a wonderful healing modality, but also the gateway to our spiritual heart, to our direct connection with the Creator. It is the beginning of a beautiful and very deep spiritual practice. Once you complete all the Reiki TUMMO workshops, the next phase of your spiritual journey will include the Retreat. For more information on the full Padmacahaya curriculum, please visit our global website:

 Annually, a series of more advanced workshops is held over a period of several days or more, with dozens to hundreds of participants joining from around the US and the world.... we call this a Retreat.

Typically these are held in a hotel conference/banquet room with participants staying there for the entire duration to maximize their time within the Love, as the vibration of the participants and the space rises considerably as the retreat progresses, and there are often evening sessions too. During this immersion in Love, many breakthroughs are made, realizations attained, and considerable transformation can happen in a relatively short time. They are truly amazing!
For more information on the different Retreats offered in the Padmacahaya curriculum, please see 'Types of Retreats'.
This year there are many retreats planned for the United States and North America. For more information about upcoming retreats, please see 'Retreat Calendar'.