Reiki TUMMO Globally

Reiki TUMMO is practiced all over the world, not just the USA! Visit for more details on the practice itself, and upcoming events around the world.

Free Usui Reiki Attunement

As a service to help those who want to learn Reiki and experience the benefits of practicing it, but cannot attend the workshop or afford the attunement cost, Padmacahaya offers a free distant Attunement for Usui Reiki Level 1 on the 1st of every month.

Visit here to learn more about the monthly free Usui Attunement

We are Meant To Be Happy

– by Irmansyah Effendi, the founder of Reiki Tummo, Open Heart Meditation, & Secrets of Natural Walking

We are Meant To Be Happy

That has always been something we strive for in this life. In fact, if we look at the motivations behind our thoughts and actions—conscious and unconscious—they are all to get us closer to the feeling, or at least the idea, of happiness.

Some of us have long asked why we cannot hold on to happiness. For all of the scholarship and human insights across the centuries, nobody has found a complete and enduring answer. Perhaps because it has been too close to see… (read more)


So many people have experienced deep and profound benefits from Reiki Tummo, and the joys of opening their heart. Read on for some heartfelt sharings from our Reiki TUMMO™ alumni all over the world.

Open Heart Meditation

We’ve long been told to “follow our heart” — and the simple yet deeply effective Open Heart Meditation™ helps us begin to enjoy this real experience for ourselves. In this beautifully guided 30 minute meditation with musical accompaniment, we are helped to relax and effortlessly experience the feelings of peace, calmness and happiness that are always accessible in our spiritual hearts, our direct and eternal connection to the Source of Love and Light. Open Heart Meditation™ is universal, nondenominational, and purely experiential, centered on gentle, heart-based “feeling” rather than on brain-oriented visualizations or breathing techniques.

Download the Open Heart Meditation from:

Padmacahaya Workshop Guidelines

Reiki Tummo is an introduction to a deeper curriculum to help people to open their hearts, and get closer to True Source.

The curriculum and prerequisites are described in the Padmacahaya Workshop Guidelines.