What is so special about Reiki TUMMO?

  • Develop an instant ability to channel Divine energy for healing, protection, cleansing and much more (healing our self, healing others and distant healing)
  • Instant opening of Crown, Heart and Ajna chakras and Sushumna (main energy channel) which takes many serious practitioners years of diligent meditation to achieve (cleansing negative energy faster)
  • Instant and safe Kundalini awakening, which is traditionally achieved only after many years of meditation (cleansing karma and body layers faster)
  • Better connection with our heart and Divine Blessing of Love & Light (giving us true calm, peace and joy in daily life, reducing stress)
  • Open our heart better and easier as the key to our true spiritual growth (cleansing negativity and emotions faster)
More complete information on Reiki TUMMO can be found at the global website: www.ReikiTUMMO.com