Boost your Reiki TUMMO practice!
Experience more peace, joy and happiness...
while earning a 10% discount on your next workshop*!

* See Prize section for details

  • Just attended a Reiki TUMMO workshop and wanting to stay in the flow?
  • Looking to refresh your Reiki TUMMO routine?
  • Wanting to recommit to your practice?

Reiki TUMMO 21 Day Challenge is prepared just to help you! This inspiring Challenge will make your practice fresh, fun, social and more fulfilling.

Research says it only takes 21 days to change a habit, either to lose old habits or form new ones.

We are challenging you to put this into practice so you can start to experience how Reiki TUMMO can improve your physcial, mental & emotional health while developing yourself spiritually.

Imagine living a life feeling lighter and more fulfilled...

- not getting triggered when things don't go according to plan...
- experiencing more gratitude in your daily life...
- smiling effortlessly throughout your workday because you just feel that good!

All you need is to do the core daily practices of Reiki TUMMO for just an hour a day without missing a single day. Practicing at least an hour per day is vital to get results. 

Special online group practices will be available to offer extra support for you through the Challenge. Check out our Online Schedule!

Get daily emails loaded with fun and inspirational reminders that will encourage you in your journey.

Everyone who is actively participating in the challenge is eligible to ask questions regarding your practice and progress on the  Global Reiki TUMMO Alumni Facebook Page. We will reply you with comments/answers that will assist you to get the best result.

21 Day Challenge Dates

April 4 - June 4, 2017

The Challenge is running parallel with the USA Reiki TUMMO workshops. After June 4 the Challenge will discontinue until the next set of workshops in the USA.


Complete the Challenge and receive 
10% Discount off your next workshop!

  • Good for any Reiki TUMMO workshop up to and including Spiritual Retreat!
    (does not include Inner Heart or Master Yoga Package 1)
  • Discount is valid for workshops where participant is New (not Repeating)
  • Valid for up to 6 months after completion of the Challenge
  • Discount is applicable only to the person who completes the Challenge
  • Discount can be added on top of other discounts

Rules & Regulations

1. You are committing to doing 21 consecutive days of the Reiki TUMMO core daily practices (about 1 hour). These are:

  • Heart Prep
  • Heart Connected to True Source
  • Quick Charge
  • Open Heart Prayer
  • Self Healing

Note: The 1 hour daily can be split into 2 sessions, such as Open Heart Prayer in the morning and Self Healing in the evening, but please do the Heart Preparation and Connection at the beginning of each session

BONUS! Try to join an Online Group Practice a few times a week, you will go much deeper!

2. Minimum Requirement: Have completed Reiki TUMMO Level 2 workshop.

3. Signup to the 21 Day Challenge Mailing List as we will be emailing encouraging quotes / tips every day to help keep you guys focused and excited. (Ask your coordinator for the sign-up link if you haven't received it)

4. Submit one log entry through the Daily Log Form every day after you complete the practice.

5. When you complete the 21st day of the Challenge, you will get a link in your email to fill out the 21 Day Challenge Completion Form to receive your prize!!!

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