We are now using Skype to run the Group Practice Sessions

How to join an online group practice session

All online sessions will be held using Skype audio (no video)

Initially, add the following account as a contact: reikitummo.usa@gmail.com

Plan to join a few minutes before the session is scheduled to begin, and send a message to the contact above saying you wish to join the practice.

They will add you to the group for that session, and call you to begin.

Do not call them, they will call you in the group call.

Enjoy 🙂

Skype Setup

Many people are already using Skype, and can join directly with those existing accounts.

For those who are new to Skype, it is extremely easy to use, you just need to:

  1. Download Skype here, and install on your device
  2. Setup an account here or using the link to 'Create an Account' when you run the software
  3. Start the Skype program from (1), and sign in using the login details from (2)
  4. Add us as a contact by searching for: reikitummo.usa@gmail.com [the skype id will look like: live:reikitummo.usa]
  5. After we accept your contact request, you can join any practice, just send a message a few minutes before it begins and we will add you to the group call