Practice Reiki TUMMO!

Practice Reiki TUMMO for about 60 minutes a day without missing a day

The 1 hour daily can be split into 2 sessions, such as Open Heart Prayer in the morning and Self Healing in the evening, but please do the proper Heart Preparation and Connection at the beginning of each session

Try to join an Online Group Practice a few times a week, you will go much deeper!

Rules & Regulations

You are committing to doing 21 consecutive days of the Reiki TUMMO core daily practices (about 1 hour). These are:

  • Heart Prep
  • Heart Connected to True Source
  • Quick Charge
  • Open Heart Prayer
  • Self Healing

Submit one log entry through this form every day after you complete the practice

Minimum Requirement: Have completed Reiki TUMMO Level 2 workshop.

When you complete the 21st day of the Challenge, you will get a link to fill out the 21 Day Challenge Completion Form to receive your prize!!!

Heads Up!

Please signup to the 21 Day Challenge Mailing List as we will be emailing encouraging quotes / tips every day to help keep you guys focused and excited. (Ask your coordinator for the sign-up link if you haven't received it)

Prizes can only be awarded to people that have done the core practices daily and submitted their daily logs.